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Student Spotlight: Vaibhav Sharma

International student Vaibhav Sharma is thriving at Centennial College, both academically and through supporting his community. Sharma chose to attend a college in Canada to learn how to work together with people from different races, ethnicities, genders, societies and cultures. He’s doing just that by immersing himself in Centennial’s volunteer opportunities.

“Being a student leader and volunteer helped me in becoming a people person. It has changed the way I look at society,” explained Sharma. “Now, I believe in the fact that you get what you give.”

Vaibhav Sharma

Sharma makes sure to stay busy on campus; he’s an active volunteer for graduation ceremonies and events. Sharma also participated in LeaderShape 2015, a week long program that teaches students how to lead effectively and with integrity.

From there, Sharma joined the International Student Ambassador (ISA) program at Centennial. His role requires him to meet new students from around the world and welcome them to the college. Sharma guides and assists them through their transition into the Centennial environment.

Being part of Centennial’s community has made a positive impact on Sharma’s life. He has built lasting relationships and improved his personal skills. Sharma credits his volunteer experience for providing him with life-changing cultural experiences and strengthening his confidence and overall abilities.

CSA is proud to award the 2016 CSA Leadership Scholarship for Centennial College to Vaibhav Sharma. Congratulations!

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