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Student Spotlight: Alanna LaHay

Alanna LaHay attends Cambrian College in Sudbury. Within her first year of the physical fitness management program, she proved to be a leader in and out of the classroom. With a top-notch GPA, a spot on the varsity badminton team and a part-time tutoring gig, LaHay learned valuable lessons she won’t take for granted.

“I can’t express how many amazing people I have met and worked with along my journey thus far,” said LaHay. “I have become a resilient leader, and have developed skills that will enable me to be more productive and involved in my future career.”

With a strong interest in athletics and leadership, LaHay viewed an opening with the Cambrian Athletic Association as the perfect on-campus job for her. She was soon named vice-president of the council and worked on-campus throughout her summer months, planning events and preparing for the busy year ahead.

“It has been empowering to work in the college and make the experiences of students even more golden,” she said.

As a voice of Cambrian varsity, LaHay engaged crowds with both introductions and as the half-time show announcer. Dedicating around 40 hours weekly to Cambrian’s varsity program, LaHay has solidified her place on campus as a student leader deserving of the CSA Leadership Scholarship.

“Winning this award means everything to me; it pushes me to continue the work I do to enhance student lives every day. With this recognition, it further validates my strength as a leader and that I am truly making a difference in the lives of those around me,” said LaHay.

Congratulations Alanna!

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