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Student Spotlight: Nicole deGroot

Nicole deGroot credits St. Lawrence College for helping her become a strong leader on and off campus. Through peer tutoring, helping within the classroom and volunteering in the community, deGroot has improved the lives of others while continuing to grow herself.

As a peer tutor, deGroot has fine-tuned her existent personal skills and gained brand new ones. “Being able to step up to the plate and help my fellow peers and the community gives me a sense of pride. I enjoy the way volunteering makes me feel and I thoroughly enjoy the way it makes others feel to be on the other side,” said deGroot. “We all live in communities, big or small, and I believe it is important to help one another out.”

With great experiences on-campus, deGroot was inspired to continue her volunteer efforts in her community through the Employment and Education Centre; she’s volunteered with the organization for years. Being a part of something bigger than herself, and seeing the joy it brings people, is what keeps her going.

“To be a part of a good community is to be a part of something truly inspiring,” she said. “It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and paves a road for future volunteering and future employment.”

CSA is proud to name Nicole deGroot as the CSA Leadership Scholarship recipient for St. Lawrence College Brockville.

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