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Student Spotlight: Andi Dimashkie

Andi Dimashkie is a first-year student in Conestoga College’s Bachelors of Early Learning Program Development program. Following graduation, Dimashkie will be a registered early childhood educator and a degree holder with leadership training and program development skills. She hopes to make positive change within the field of education throughout her career. Dimashkie’s student leadership experiences on Conestoga’s campus have solidified her interest in the education field while opening additional doors along the way.

Dimashkie immediately got involved on campus. By September’s end, she was made a Leadership Ambassador through Conestoga Student’s Inc. (CSI). This role provided her the opportunity to volunteer for events each month. Through this program, Dimashkie gained both experience and mentors.

“Being a leader in the Conestoga College community has already enhanced my college experience, and I am only in my first year,” Dimashkie said. “I am thankful to have been introduced to Conestoga Student’s Inc. very early on in my college career because being a Leadership Ambassador has already improved my college experience. Being a small part of an organization that does so much for our college community makes me very proud.”

Dimashkie’s leadership skills help her succeed in her program, too. She proudly represents her peers when they’re faced with challenges, questions, or concerns. As such, she leads class discussions and represented her program at Conestoga’s Fall Open House.

“My experiences within my own program have contributed to my college experience as well,” Dimashkie explained. “I am very proud of and passionate about my program, and I love being able to contribute to it and represent it in small ways around campus.”

CSA proudly awards the 2016 CSA Leadership Scholarship for Conestoga College to Andi Dimashkie.

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