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Student Spotlight: Mohamed Elgendy

Mohamed Elgendy is driven to succeed by his passion for seeing the world. After growing up and attending university in Egypt, Elgendy was hired by the University of Barcelona as a guest speaker to teach students the history of his hometown. He credits this opportunity to his volunteer work on his university campus. Elgendy then moved to Sweden for an internship, spending three years learning a new language and culture. Elgendy then moved to Canada to study international business management at Sir Sanford Fleming College in Peterborough.

“(Volunteering) always made me want to be productive by helping more students as much as I can. It enriched my thoughts with creative ideas and helped me become self-driven,” Elgendy said. “Volunteerism opened my eyes and widened my thoughts and understanding. It was a window to the world; it inspired me to learn to be able to give back.”

Elgendy challenged himself by traveling to new countries and meeting new people. Through these experiences, he learned valuable lessons. Elgendy feels by accepting new challenges, he has widened his personal circles, added value to his abilities and learned personal strengths. He continues to learn by being an active volunteer on the Fleming College campus.

“This award means a lot to me. It shows my abilities and competencies are valued, recognized and appreciated by other people,” Elgendy explained. “It gives me the ability to know where I am standing and direct me where I am going. It is a positive platform to start my career.”

“It also makes me appreciate every single person who supported me and was part of my success – they are part of who I am now,” Elgendy added. “It is not only my award. It is an award for my family, my friends and my college.”

College Student Alliance is proud to award Mohamad Elgendy with the 2016 CSA Leadership Scholarship for Sir Sanford Fleming College.

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