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Student Associations Drive Student Success

The life of a college student is busy, to say the least. Managing academic priorities, potentially working a part-time job – all while maintaining somewhat of a social life – can be difficult. Student leaders take on additional responsibility by dedicating themselves to their on-campus student association.

Student associations (SA) play a crucial role in student success. They represent the collective student voice and provide a variety of academic supports and resources. SA’s dedicate time and services to providing a safe, social, and rewarding college experience for all students. CSA is proud to highlight some of the significant accomplishments from our member associations.

Brockville Students Administrative Council (SAC) supports students at St. Lawrence College (SLC) in Brockville . The council’s goal for the 2015/16 year was to increase overall SAC awareness among students to enhance their college experience. Based on direct requests and feedback regarding events, one-on-one conversations with students, and the biggest SAC Election turnout in history, it is evident SAC has become an important part of the students experience at SLC.

Campaigns like Good Mood Food and Positive Body Image Workshops made a direct impact on student satisfaction while creating opportunities for individuals to get involved on campus. Combined with on- and off-campus events, students had more opportunities to get involved than ever before. The SA also worked toward improving student spaces on campus. Funds were designated to new patio furniture, couches for the student lounge and hydration stations throughout the college.

All aspects of student life are equally important and SA’s recognize this. While Brockville SAC worked toward raising awareness and improving student culture, the Northern College Student Association – Timmins (NCSA), from Northern College Timmins campus, focused on enhancing student supports.

NCSA’s major initiative for the year was to ensure all students had comprehensive coverage, included mental health resources, finance services, and legal consultation services – regardless of whether or not they opted out of the student insurance benefits package. NCSA accomplished this goal with no extra cost for students, and all three Northern College campuses benefit from this change.

Another objective for NCSA-Timmins was to reposition the SA with college administration to ensure students have an equal voice in policy, finance, and management discussions. Following a full year of on-campus advocacy, the future of the SA as a collaborative partner of Northern College has been ensured.

SA’s do tremendous work for college students across the province. They drive student success. Each aspect of student life is crucial, and SA’s are equipped to assist students with the knowledge, resources and services they require for a positive college experience. To student leaders across Ontario, CSA thanks you.

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