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2017 CSA Scholarship Recipients

College Student Alliance awarded 7 outstanding individuals from Ontario colleges with a $1 000 scholarship in recognition of their volunteerism and leadership on campus and within their community. Hear from the award recipients:

"Being a student leader has allowed me to create lasting relationships with my peers in a variety of different places. By being a leader, I am able to grow as a person and become successful in my future nursing career. I am also able to support my peers with their current situations as well as future goals they may have. Winning this award means that the time and effort I have spent in a number of different volunteer and leadership settings has been effective and has been recognized. It is an honour to be selected for this award."- Alicia Morrison, St. Lawrence College Brockville

"It means so much to be recognized for my efforts to bridge the gap between Schlegel Village at University Gates and Conestoga college’s main campus. My dedication to volunteering and desire to get my colleagues more involved has had a lasting effect to contribute to a more holistic post-secondary experience. I am both honored and grateful to be supported by the College Student Alliance, as this scholarship is a such generous contribution that will allow me to pursue my future endeavors."- Allyssa Wien, Conestoga College

"Being a student leader/volunteer has significantly enhanced my college experience, as I have been able to meet new people and make some amazing friends. It has made me feel good about myself knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s academic experience. Winning this award means so much to me. I am truly honoured to be recognized again this year for all the work that I have done. This award to me means empowerment and truly making a difference." - Alyssa Berry, Sault College

"Through volunteer I was able to meet amazing people throughout Cambrian, do some networking, and given the opportunity to make the most of my college experience. This award means less financial stress and more time for my studies!"- Marie-Claude Guillemette, Cambrian College

"Being a student leader/volunteer has enhanced my college experience because I really have learned how to be an active member in the community. I feel this is very important moving forward because as the next generation we will be the leaders of change. To generate a change, networking is very important. Through my College experience I feel so encouraged to take on what the world has set out for me. Winning this award is reassuring me that I am going into the correct field of work. I am so appreciative for this opportunity and it is absolutely incredible that I have won." - Rebecca von Criegern, Fleming College

"I feel over the last few years I have grown tremendously as a person, gaining knowledge about myself. It feels incredibly rewarding to encounter those I have helped out over the years, while walking through the halls of the school. It is an absolute honour to be chosen for this award. Regardless, I would continue to help and lead others, as it is in my nature, and does not feel right not to help out wherever I can." - Tanya Cowley, St. Clair College Thames

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