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Alumni Spotlight: Curtis Bell

We are thrilled to introduce our newest staff member, Curtis Bell. Under the direction of the College Student Alliance (CSA) membership and Board, Curtis will be leading the team as General Manager. Learn more about him below!

From left: Abdullah Mushtaq, Olivia Dagbo, Theresa Slater, Emmaline Scharbach, Curtis Bell

Name: Curtis Bell Title: General Manager Graduate of: Cambrian College CSA Alumni: President, Cambrian College SAC 2012-2014. President, CSA 2013-14.

What is the biggest lesson you learned through CSA? The importance of building relationships and working in team settings. There is nothing more rewarding than working in a team setting and accomplishing goals collectively.

What do you know now that you wish you knew as a student leader? I wish I knew that it’s equally important to share negative outcomes as it is to share the positive ones, and that I was never alone in my work. There are many moving parts within student government; it is important to understand that they’re all interconnected and affected by each action taken.

What is your favourite CSA memory? I would say one of my favorite memories, beyond the relationships and friendships, was when I had the opportunity to emcee CSA’s 40th Anniversary Gala, hosted by St. Clair SRC in Windsor. To be in a room with that many incredible individuals who all helped shape Ontario’s post-secondary sector was a true honour. It was a fantastic evening!

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