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Message from the President

It is an honour and privilege to have been elected as president of the College Student Alliance. I have been involved in student government for three years now and am serving my second term as president at my home campus in Peterborough, Ontario, with the Fleming College Student Administrative Council.

As a graduate of the Police Foundations program at Fleming College, I had the opportunity to learn about effective leadership and helping others succeed through support. This is why, as president, my goal is to help see our membership grow and succeed as leaders in our colleges and communities while advocating to make post-secondary education (PSE) more accessible and affordable.

I was very fortunate to have been elected as president of CSA because it means you believe in me as much as I believe in you and your abilities to make a difference in this world. Together, we can continue to change the landscape of PSE by engaging with our government, advocating for those who cannot do so themselves, and pushing to make student life easier.

As president, my priorities are to continue to build CSA as the premier advocacy group for Ontario College students. I want to ensure our membership’s voice is heard provincially and that CSA is looked at to lead the conversations around better and more fair opportunity for education in the PSE sector.

President Joel Willett addressing CSA membership at May Conference.

I look forward to working with the membership, the Board of Directors and staff to make this year one that helps shape the future of PSE. It is our time to show the world that we are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Thank you,

Joel Willett, CSA President

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