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Making Everyday Life Easier for Students

Dear Ontario college students,

The members of the College Student Alliance (CSA) have been given the opportunity to participate in the Government of Ontario’s ongoing conversation with the public regarding the preparation of the 2017 Ontario Budget.

CSA’s Pre-Budget submission is a direct result of ongoing discussions within the CSA membership. Our members have advanced recommendations to the Ministry of Finance, which, if acted upon, have great potential to make everyday life easier for students.

Benefits range from increased access to post-secondary education (PSE) for Indigenous students, cost savings for educational resources, reduced financial barriers for international students, and social returns. By adopting our recommendations, the government will be strengthening Ontario’s PSE system while growing the province’s highly skilled workforce.

In the coming weeks, CSA will be breaking down each of our advanced recommendations through Facebook Notes. If you have questions regarding these recommendations, please contact CSA’s Director of Advocacy, Ciara Byrne, at

Read our pre-budget submission in full:

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