Upcoming Events

May Conference & Awards Gala.png

May Conference 2022

May 11-13, 2022

May Conference focuses on readying student leaders and SA boards for the upcoming school year through networking, training, and leadership activities. The Awards Gala celebrates the achievements of our outstanding student leaders through our Advocacy Scholarship, Leadership, Landmark, and Member Engagement awards. 

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Open Spaces

May 26, 2022

Open Spaces is a monthly event for student leaders to come together, share best practices, and discuss the challenges that their students are facing. It provides the opportunity for CSA members to connect with non-member student leaders, and for non-members to learn more about how to get involved with provincial advocacy.



In-person, mid-July, TBA

Members are invited to participate in a one-day workshop in July that focuses on developing research priorities, understanding programs, and learning about advocacy initiatives. Member schools have the opportunity to send delegates and their General Manager/Executive Director to participate in sessions.