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Learn more about our Advocacy Scholarship winner, Ryan Handy!


        I have been a strong advocate and volunteer for community cleanups and environmental awareness since a child.

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Since he was a boy, Ryan Handy has always had a strong interest in the environment.

Initially, Ryan explored his passion for the environment by volunteering with his local United Way Community Garden. 

He also volunteered with community cleanups and began to become more interested not only with natural ecosystems, but with environmental awareness issues.


         Since my graduation in 2007, what has kept me strong has been developing my environmental knowledge of plants and animals which provides me with a strong foundation to focus on similar content around agriculture and policies.

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Community Garden

Ryan has completed two diplomas in Ecosystem Management, and has worked for over a decade for conservation authorities and community gardens. 

During this time, Ryan noticed that often foods grown for commercial harvesting processes tend to go to waste. He became inspired to provide fresh and local food solutions for students and vulnerable individuals. 


        I have experienced many challenges and barriers around accessing resources at the college and in the community such as Internet, hygiene, water and food, security of my property and housing arrangements in addition to restrictions in the community with the lockdown for covid-19.

I've done what I can to be proactive in fulfilling my basic needs within the community but, also to convey my concerns and find solutions for other people experiencing similar situations with different social workers, businesses, community members and municipal/provincial

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Cleaning Nature

Ryan is a current student in the Sustainable Agriculture Technologist (SAG) program at Fleming College.


He hopes that the program will help sharpen his skills with business administration and technical systems  management that will prove essential to him better impacting Ontario's ecosystems.

   I believe the skills in the SAG program would help prepare me with business model development, understanding farming soil restoration techniques and water reducing methods.

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    Ultimately my goal would be to provide a business model for a permaculture farm community that would not only meet the food and housing requirements of the local area but, also provide revenue and training in homesteading and sustainable growing methods for the residences
to participate in.​

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CSA's Advocacy Scholarship is a $2500 scholarship designed to support students leaders who are strong advocates for their students, colleges, and communities.

We are very pleased to have Ryan as our Scholarship recipient for 2021-22, and look forward to seeing his incredible work in the years to come!

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Learn more about our Advocacy Scholarship, and how you can be involved!

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