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CSA In The Community: Partnering With Seneca@York Students For Their Documentary

A mac containing a Zoom window i which 3 different screens appear, one with Azi Afousi (President of CSA), one with a film student from Seneca@York, and one with Delaney Groves (Policy and Advocacy Lead, CSA)

The rising cost of living has put pressure on everyone, from families to students. However, as the documentary "A Canadian Dream" filmed by Seneca College students Rostine Vahid, Vijay Singh, and Moses Lai highlights, international students face these issues at a compounded rate. The documentary follows Ardash, a student from Centennial College, as he discusses the unexpected challenges he faces daily as an international student in Ontario trying to balance studies, work, home, personal life, and finances.

CSA was proud to be a part of such an honest and personal look into the reality faced by international students. In the documentary, Policy and Advocacy Lead Delaney, highlights how unique obstacles and barriers facing international students cause issues like affordability, housing, mental health, etc., all of which tend to be experienced more deeply by this demographic.

Along with our other priority areas, CSA continues to advocate for the rights and needs of international students through informed research and policy recommendations at the provincial level.


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