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CSA President in the News!

CSA President, Azi Afousi, took centre stage in two recent CBC News interviews, shedding light on the repercussions facing Ontario’s students due to the new federal policies capping international post-secondary students across the country. The insightful conversation delved into the multifaceted impacts on both the Ontario education landscape and the student community.

Azi articulated concerns about the potential decline in cultural diversity, academic excellence, and cross-cultural collaboration within Canadian institutions. Emphasizing the invaluable contributions of international students, Azi underscored the need for the provincial government to address the chronic underfunding of our Public Colleges and Universities that has contributed to the over-reliance on international student tuition .

CSA remains a committed advocate for an inclusive and thriving educational environment that seeks to support all students through accountability, transparency, and support.

See the full story on the CBC Website here:


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