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New Year, New CSA

The entire CSA team reflects back on 2023 with pride! Like many non-profit organizations, CSA faced adversity as it worked to regain momentum post-pandemic. Our small but mighty team has remained dedicated to college students and fought hard to sustain the organization through capacity building and delivering value through research and advocacy. CSA’s renewal strategy is yielding key results, and we are thrilled to be fully functional and moving forward with vigour! 

If CSA’s 2023 motto was Renewal, 2024’s is Energy.

In with the new! Here are a few of CSA’s 2024 Resolutions:

1 - Building greater capacity to better enable our members success

  • Engage consistently with members through CSA’s weekly In the News segment, monthly newsletter, and monthly Open Spaces platform- launching in February, 2024.

  • Continue engaging non-members and furthering our membership recruitment strategy- more members means stronger, more representative advocacy. 

  • Build out opportunities for member involvement and input, including CSA’s annual May-Con and Advocacy Summit.

2 - Empower strong, sustained and outcome based advocacy

  • Create opportunities for member consultation at key stages of the research and advocacy process, when responding to government policy and throughout the development of CSA’s 2024 Issues Brief. 

  • Continue fostering relationships with key political allies, officials and stakeholders, building connections that have proven to influence policy for college student needs.

3 - Connect and support student leaders

  • Continue building out our student leader development and knowledge-building opportunities- including CSA’s: In the News, Open Spaces, May-Con, and Advocacy Summit. 

  • Create opportunities throughout the year for student leader involvement in our Board of Directors, policy direction, and skill development. 

We are looking forward to a 2024 filled with energetic growth, engagement, research, and advocacy!


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