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PCPO Platform Breakdown

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario's platform does not include much information about colleges, universities, or the post-secondary experience in general. In terms of policy, leader Doug Ford has committed that universities will be mandated to uphold free speech on campuses and in classrooms. We do no know how this will be mandated, or if this promise extends to college campuses too.

There is no specific money allocated to post-secondary education. Though there is a specific investment of $1.9 billion over ten years (matching the federal government’s investment), where the money will be spent is not outlined. CSA will fight for the proper investments to be made for students on college campuses.

Below are the policy points directly from the platform:

  • Education: Mandate universities to uphold free speech on campuses and in classrooms.

  • Health: Help those in need: Invest $3.8 billion in mental health, addictions and housing supports over 10 years.

  • Focus on the fundamentals: Make mathematics mandatory in teachers’ college programs.

We will continue to update this blog as more information is released. Until then, view the full PCPO platform here:


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