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Remember Why You're Here

The winds in student leadership have shifted. In just a matter of years, work, school and personal lives have intertwined into a never-ending cycle of being eternally present. Requiring students to continuously part-take in the dealings of today’s issues and tomorrow’s challenges, all while trying to ace school, get a job, and find the perfect filter for Instagram.


What you’re doing for your campus is not in vain. Realize that students enter the halls of your schools carrying burdens bigger than imagined, looking at each classroom as an escape to realities. Realize that you’re here not to see your name in shining lights, but to ensure your school and your student associations represent the voices of those too shy to speak. You are a leader; that means experiencing some difficult challenges, but also leading incredible opportunities for your students.

You are human.

Take some time if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Let others know when you need help. Reach out to those around you. Being a leader does not mean being alone. Recognizing and calling for help demonstrates more strength than you can imagine.

Remember why you’re here.

It’s not just for the resume. You chose to be here to effect real change at your school. You want to see your students succeed. You want to see your campus excel. You’re here because you’re passionate, you’re engaged and you care – don’t let that change. If you’ve lost sight, ask your peers. Ask CSA – we’ll let you know what we see in you and how you can change your campus. We have faith in you. Please have faith in yourself.

For those who are not returning to student advocacy next year – we commend you. You’ve done tremendous work in the rollercoaster that was 2017. We look forward to seeing you succeed in all you do. To those who are returning, CSA has some incredible opportunities ahead and we look forward to working with an engaged, vibrant, and dedicated team who are committed to taking college students to the next level.

On behalf of all college students, yesterday, today and tomorrow – thank you.

- Your friends at CSA


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